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Through generous donations like yours, IFF exists to nurture the Greater Good within our industry by supporting education, innovation and philanthropy. IFF envisions a strong and growing textile industry that attracts students, with a robust workforce, innovative products and companies that understand the importance of giving back to their communities and society.

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…gets a great idea from an IFF Innovation Award winner?

…gains a new partnership by participating in the Greater Good?

…benefits from a new generation of industrial sewers?

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Internship / Apprenticeship Fund

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Thank you immensely for your generous scholarship, as it is providing me with not only financial, but also emotional support, which greatly strengthens my confidence in achieving my future career goals.

— Holland “Allie” Downs, 2017 IFF Don Williams Scholarship Recipient

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The Industrial Fabrics Foundation (IFF) is the non-profit 501(c)(3)
Organization of the industrial fabrics industry, dedicated to education
and research in specialty fabrics

The Industrial Fabrics Association International is the official fundraising partner of IFF